The point of simple living, for me has got to be:
A soft place to land
A wide margin of error
Room to breathe
Lots of places to find baseline happiness in each and every day.


Leo Babauta (via feellng)

Found this on my tumblr dashboard. It’s making its way around the world with tens of thousands of views thus far…shared and reblogged by hundreds of other tumbIogs….wonder if this is the same Leo Babauta from Guam.

I hope so! 

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Anonymous said: Waiting for your take on the primary election. Heard plenty from the mouthpieces for the Dems and GOP. Read comments coming from the Spin Crew on KUAM and PDN. But pretty obvious its all just a game of words, not much being said you can really trust. Would love to hear your opinion on things since you alway been pretty straight talking about these things. Please write soon.

You are right to wonder about the heavy duty spin cycle taking place following the Primary election. The elephant in the room is once again being ignored because the truth of what happened on Saturday does not fit the “storyline” they want to sell the public.

Numerous Gb readers have asked for a spin-free analysis of the election. I promise to post something late tonight or tomorrow. Right now, I have a couple of other things needing immediate attention, but I will get right to that just as soon as I can.

Anonymous said: The way the Republican party, aka Mike Benito and Gov. Calvo, treated you makes me want to bail on this "puppet party" - I may just vote for Carl et al just for the excitement! Really!

Anonymous said: Your perspective is well thought out and always meaningful. That said, please share why you would exclude the businesses you listed re: Plotform brochure post. Synergy, BestSeller, TPI, PXC are owned and controlled by the Calvo family interests. Just wondering why you would not include these companies? Thanks in advance for your feedback. May God Bless You so the people of Guam can officially call you SENATOR. Your guts alone has earned your seat in the legislature. Stay classy Romeo!

Synergy is a business. like Bestseller that gets no benefit from being owned by a Calvo family member. TPI and PXC have endeavored to fill gaping voids and push new territory in entertainment and special events that are vital to improving Guam’s economy. I don’t see ow they have benefitted in any significant way being operated by a younger generation of Calvos, any more than the other two businesses mentioned. 

In fact, if anything, because PXC and TPI are affiliated with Calvos they are probably more unfairly limited from reaching greater potentials that would boost Guam as a destination for sporting and entertainment events, just because they are Calvos…which is bullshit, IMHO.

Just because these businesses are owned by someone with the surname Calvo doesn’t implicate them in anything. It is unfair and unreasonable to suggest otherwise.

I don’t buy into that whole “sins of the father” crap!

Anonymous said: Are you still allowing people to send stuff to your Blog? I tried to post this on Guamblog but keep getting blocked. Can you put this up for me but dont show my e-mail please.

Malago’ yo’ hu na’ saonao sumångan guine una kosa……BASTA DI MALANA!



Submitted by Gb reader: Anon.Gu


(Gb: Yes, I still accept submissions - but I do not use all of them. Here is your submission (with a small edit). But….for the record, this is old news. And, in my own opinion, I don’t think it’s fair to include Synergy, PXC, Bestseller bookstores, or Tropical Prods., in your list. I hope if you continue to push this PLOTFORM message you will at least take those companies off your list. Just my opinion…And thanks for following Guamblog.)