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I am voting for you. Guam is Juliet who needs her Romeo! Romeo Carlos, you have my Republican vote this primary election! Never give up okay because you have people like me behind you all the way!

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Hello Romeo, As I consider who I give my votes to I'd like to know your position on the possible Guam plebiscite. Where do you stand on who should be allowed to vote on Guam's political future?

OMG!!!! I am so glad you asked that…I have been working on that issue as part of my platform for the past week. Please stay tuned. More info will be available this week when I finish the new blog layout…but thanks for asking! Makes me feel good to know that there are people who really do understand and care about the importance of this critical issue!

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Do you think Jonathan Blas Diaz is helping or hurting the cause with his satirical antics? Raising awareness is one thing, being ridiculed and burning bridges to future progress is another. What is your take on the situation?


Firstly, before one can burn a bridge, a bridge must exist. So, I have to disagree with your premise that he is somehow “burning bridges.” I also readily admit to not being clear on the “cause” you are concerned about.

However, that said, IMHO, Jonathan is doing himself no favors, but he has managed to achieve more earned media (free press) than I have…in fact, more than most other candidates running for election.

Mr. Diaz, despite or in spite of criticism, is at least doing something. That is far more than can be said of 99% of his critics and mockers.

As for satire…really? You want to know what I think about “satirical antics???” You mean like,  the knit-one-pearl-two routine Diaz did as Governor Calvo discussed how letting his queer communication staffers legally wed would make heteros who lust after their siblings and children want to marry them too, all the while implying queer marriage would stain the sanctity of breeder marriage more than…um…let’s say, I dunno, an adulterous affair one might have with the wife of a preacher while holding an important elected office and espousing (no punnish-ment) upholding traditional family and moral Christian values….or something like that…is that what you mean?

Oh dear. You must be new to Gb, friend! 


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Republicans? Building "trust" and "unity"? What a fucking joke.

TRUTH, in my campaign, stands for:
Together Rebuilding Unity, Trust & Hope.

No. It’s not a joke…but thanks anyway for taking the time to write to Guamblog expressing your anger, hate and obstinance. It provides an idea opportunity to discuss why I am running.

Truth is, it has nothing to do with being a Republican or a Democrat; it’s about being honest with voters about the burdensome negativity and poisonous thinking reflected in comments like yours, that has contributed to creating so much dysfunction in our government and such division in our community. Attitudes like yours are very much a part of the problem and a root cause for the social decay eating away at the goodness that was Guam.

It is precisely your bitter hopelessness that compels me to run for office this year. It is not easy, making oneself a target for haters and the nattering nabobs of negativity who are anxious to tear shit up, but too lazy and apathetic to work hard to make things better. Somebody has to be willing to step up and do it.

In fact, the more off-putting, the more critical the need to go beyond the mulish rhetoric of hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of hollow hype and work with others in our community who have not yet succumbed to a cankerous attitude, like yours.

True, it is an arduous task for jaded scoffers to understand such things as hope and faith, but I sincerely believe in the goodness of the people of this island. The true “silent majority” are those residents who want to do more than lurk on the margins in the shadow of anonymity, griping and spewing hateful commentary at the hopeful.

I am running for senator, for the people who refuse to surrender their hope to those, like yourself, who insist on thinking in such tight little boxes of hate and anger.

More importantly, I am doing this especially for people like you.

Yes, even if I am the only one (and I know I am not) who believes we can work toward a better Guam, a good Guam, I will do this…for you, Anonymous - and for all the other hopeless haters out there, too. Hopefully, we can slide that lid back on your little box of hate and free you to once again believe in better things, in the hope of a brighter future for Guam.

Esta amigo.

Inbox 4.12.14

Getting quite a few more emails and messages than normal since letting folks know I am running for Senator this year. There is so very much being expressed by people, so much we feel in common…I want to share some of these important sentiments with Guamblog readers. While, I understand many of you feel unsure about speaking out, for fear of retribution, intimidation and bullying, you are not alone. Send your opinions and comments right here. I will say for you what needs to be said.


Dear Mr Carlos,

It’s not safe in Guam anymore. 

There’s a feeling of uneasiness leaving my house nowadays. Do I have too much cash in my wallet? Did I lock my house door? My brother went out to have a drink with his company buddies, is he ok? These are unthinkable questions a decade ago. Self defense classes will do very little or even escalate a situation where some desperate guy who wants to get whatever fix they need. Three guys? A bat? It’s a miracle that Aji-ichi owner is alive.

Things need to change. Drastically. Radically. Truthfully.

I left Guam for University in 1991. I used to tell all my friends in the States how wonderful and familial the island was. That it was an idyllic life here. Sure there was corruption, drugs, and violence in those days. But none would think life-threatening. You could get a beating but would live to tell the tale. Now, you’d be lucky to be breathing.

Family brought me back to Guam 4 years ago. The shock of seeing news after news of really bad things happening made me instantly regret bringing my wife and newborn daughter here. Especially after telling her all of my childhood tales. 

I’ve read that you are running on three platforms. I agree with them all: Senators being part-time, Drinking age reduction, and Medical Marijuana. However, I really would like some kind of traction or even study into the violence on the island. Our main industry depends on safety. Our culture and lifestyle depends on safety. Please please bring this issue to the forefront. I’m a layman. I wouldn’t even know how to approach it. But that’s what leaders should do right?


(A Gb Reader)



Who’s the Boss?

We need leadership with come out from behind the desk, get down with the people, pulling together to rebuild trust, unity and hope - with real work. Real action. I will bring fresh ideas, a hard work ethic and return to voters, at least one public office back to the people. I humbly ask for one of your votes, because truth be told, it’s time for a change. Truth for a change. Romeo Carlos for Senator. 2014.

Thank you for your support.