Anonymous said: PDN HEADLINE: Bill would let bars serve alcohol later -- Hey Romeo! Check it out. The Republican Party and Gov. Calvo didn't want you to run for Senator. But they are stealing your campaign ideas. Giving it to that loser Aline Yamashita. Do you think they want to steal your idea to help them sell more Miller and booze or to help the Calvo that owns Cowboy Ninja to make more money so Notch can pick up drunk sailors and get banged in the parking lot. Her favorite past time?

Anonymous said: Insider information you should check with your Guamblog sources. Word is CT is trying to hide a protest with DOA by an insurance carrier because CT subsidizes a larger portion of premiums for SelectCare than they do for the other carriers. This started last year and brings down their costs since premiums are contributory. This is an straight up illicit corruption. CT and Benita are trying to hide it because that would be political disaster if they caught in this scam. What a scandal!


Thank you for following Guamblog and sharing your concerns with Guam. Every political office, and almost all the candidates in this election, read Gb. They will see this…whether they do anything about it is another matter.

Sadly, our elected “leaders” are more interested in themselves and not so much the voters. No matter what they try to tell you.

In 2010, island voters were cautioned strongly by former Governor Carl Gutierrez that the government insurance contracts would be funneled into SelectCare in a Calvo administration. There is no surprise that Calvo would direct DOA and Benita Manglona to subsidize SelectCare subscribers at a greater rate to reduce the costs to SelectCare…we were told this type of corruption would occur.

So now what…?

Instead of relying on lawmakers who are not interested in fighting government corruption, or a blogger with little ability to do more than share your information with Guam, I suggest you vote. Not just for a person because they have a certain letter next their name; try voting for change. It would make more of a difference than expecting any meaningful action from a compromised Attorney General’s Office, OPA, GSA or one of the other government agencies already corrupted by the toxic leadership in Adelup right now.

Nevertheless, I will make sure to pass on this information to the only senator I know who actually works on the real stuff - the hard issues. But don’t expect any sort of media inquiries.

KUAM and PNC can’t be expected to dig down on this. KUAM is Calvo’s propaganda branch and abandoned real news coverage as soon as he became governor. PNC’s new news director - well…everyone knows from his time on the radio that he does any and everything to spin and slant for his friends at Adelup.

Variety’s editor doesn’t like stories about politics - and this story is too politically hot. PDN - well, PDN is your best bet at hoping to find someone who can actually investigate this and inform the public of the truth.

No matter how painful the truth is to you….corruption at the top corrupts everything…absolutely everything. And that’s the direction we have been heading for the past 3 years.

Anonymous said: A GB reader wrote, "Romeo ...He is odd and endearing genius. I'm voting for him in Nov." Me too! This reader said it well. I agree with his viewpoint. Romeo, you managed to get people, who normally watch from the sidelines, to formulate and express their own opinions. For too long, the people have been stifled and scared to share what they really think. You opened and led the forum for citizens to say what is on their minds and to be fearless. Thank you Write-In Candidate Romeo Carlos.


Aw shucks. youse guys. Thank you.

Anonymous said: Question for GB readers: What is Guam's most urgent community-wide problem? Identify one idea to solve the problem. (Example issue: Late textbooks for DOE school opening; Solution: Implement e-textbooks to provide on-line access to current textbooks. Benefit: timely access for students; eliminates shipping costs; book subject matter is up to date; DOE maintains subscription to ensure books are ready for school year.). Proactive action-oriented solutions get results. Lip service does not.

Come on people….let’s hear it. You can’t have change, or fix the problems if all you do is standby and watch!  Thousands of you follow Guamblog…I know at least a few have an opinion and ideas that don’t require a script. 

What say you? What do you believe are the island’s most urgent community-wide problems? And share at least one way you think it might be solved. Can’t wait to read your responses!

Calvo and the Homeless Children

Romeo thanks for the explanation on how to post on your blog. I am really excited and I hope I do this right with the upload. Anyway I am posting about something that has been bothering me for some time now. A story that basically went unnoticed in the PDN much like the actual topics of the article go unnoticed on a daily basis. I am talking about our homeless situation on Guam.

IT IS SAD that the homeless population continues to rise and that includes many of our homeless veterans. But what really bothers me is that homeless families include children.

I am outraged that when the PDN brought this tragedy to light – the rise in homeless families to include children on Guam – the official reaction of the Calvo Tenorio Administration was that these homeless, hungry, and suffering children “want” to live this way!

The PDN article quoted CT-appointee Mike Duenas, executive director of the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority. He told the newspaper, that  ”The visibility of homelessness in one village doesn’t tell the entire story of those experiencing homelessness on Guam . He claimed that “There are those that prefer that kind of lifestyle and those that don’t want the help.”

YA’ HEARD! CalvoTenorio administration officials think there are people who actually enjoy being homeless. Talk about out of touch…I wonder if he read his script from Adelup before admitting that to the media…?

Mr. Duenas (I now call him Mr. Compassion) went on to acknowledge that not everybody wants to be homeless but some do.

Really? Has Mr. Duenas or his boss the multi-millionaire Eddie Baza Calvo ever known what it is like to suffer homelessness?

Has Eddie Calvo ever had his power shut off and had to have the kids sleep in the car with the aircon running because it is too hot inside the ranch with no power?

Am I the only one in the world who thinks this is the most ridiculous statement, especially coming from the Administration of Eddie Calvo whose family is the richest, most powerful family on island? A governor who has lived in mansions his entire life?

Really? These homeless children want to be homeless huh? They prefer this lifestyle, huh? My God this governor is so out of touch with the people.

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