Anonymous said: Why in the world was a member of Governor Eddie Calvo staff at Jack in the Box last week with an official ballot box beside him for home bound voting? Even Eddie Calvo showed up to the restaurant!!! It is completely illegal for a ballot box to be inside the restaurant!!! This is the same Mr. Chargualaf who was involved in the hanky panky of the last election!!! Ms Maria Pangelinan of the Guam Election Commission was notified of this and was extremely worried about the sanctity of the ballots!



Brings a whole new meaning to “JACK in the BOX”! 

What will GEC Commissioners will do about this? Good question…maybe someone in the media should ask them.

Calvo Contributions at UOG

I am concerned about this political move made by the Calvo camp, where just weeks before the election, they made a $3M donation to the University of Guam, and thus got the Fieldhouse named after them.


While a donation is appreciated, the timing of the contribution makes you wonder how idiotic and beggarly they believe the people of Guam are.  Sure, they will make a donation, we will think they are great people, our people will vote them back in, and we will get 4 more years of corruption.

The Governor continues to ignore an independent audit of the contracts he has issued his family.  $3 Million is only a small piece of the pie that they have gotten off the people of Guam.

For all that we know, that $3M donation could have helped the hospital, placed more police officers on our streets or purchased more textbooks.  Instead, they essentially took the taxpayers dollars, which they funneled through their business, and now got a Fieldhouse named after them.

Such a political insult to our people. Hopefully the voters are smarter then this and won’t be fooled by tax refunds and this latest “hocus pocus” by the administration.


imageThanks for the submission House of Cards. This topic has really touched a chord with many people in our community. However, I am not one of them. I see it as par for the course. Politics is a game of strategy, as you know. And let’s face it, if voters fell the ploy of a massive loan their children will have to pay back as getting their tax refunds, then Eddie Calvo can be pretty confident that this stunt should buy off a few more voters you aren’t very smart…or just don’t care about corruption, so long as they get theirs. Again - look at how many really don’t give a shit about selling their kids out for a fast check!

Hocus pocus….Eddie may really believe in magic because it has worked before…you cannot deny the success of his prestidigitation on tax refunds, his family’s millions in tax waivers and all the other trickery that so many believe in….


Truth is, you can’t insult the stupid or the greedy by throwing money around. It’s what they respond to. While I still think voters are not as dumb as most elected officials insist on believing, I fear they are far more apathetic than any of them understand…and that apathy could very well lead to another four years where the Billion Dollar Dream will be finished and the rest of Guam easily pocketed by Eddie and his family.


UPDATE: Longtime Gb reader, Sailor Moon, wants to point out to everyone…

"Don’t be tricked by the convenient generosity. This is a great political PR move that sounds really good, but is not what it seems. Like all the other slight of hand Gov. Calvo has been using to buy votes and fool people into thinking he is so great, the University is not getting $3 Million so easy. The Calvos have condition built in to their donation. UOG won’t get the money up front and will still struggle. THe $3 Million is going to spread over THIRTY YEARS…30 YEARS!!!! That is a whole lot different than they way the Calvos, KUAM, and UOG are trying to spin this story!"

Anonymous said: is a suggestion. Get the GG young adults group and protest the political move made by the UOG board, when they named the Fieldhouse after the Calvo's. This will garner the attention, and thus their opportunity to field the message that UOG students votes are not for sale. While the contributions are appreciated, the political timing is not. The people of Guam have to see this, and not be blinded by this latest political hocus pocus of the CT group.

But….I don’t have a problem with it. I think you should not loose control of yourself in the heat of the election season. Who in their right mind would bemoan the University of Guam pocketing $3million….? Three much-need million dollars. Who cares where it came from!

Truth is, United Airlines and others were offered the opportunity to show their commitment to the community from which they derive such enormous success. They declined.

For me…FK IT!

If the Calvo family, which has made a ton of money transferring enormous amounts of wealth from the taxpayers and government money into their bank account have $3 million to throw around…well, I’m glad the UOG community knew how to pitch and catch!

There are more important issues, real issues that need to be focused upon in the critical election. The fact that Eddie Calvo has used so much government money and resources to buy votes is certainly one of them. But giving millions to the university is not.

I agree, the political timing is just that - political. But really, when you got that much bank then it’s just one of the tools in your arsenal to buy office. Welcome to America.

2014 Dinanña para i Famalao’an na Kandidatu Siha - Female Candidates’ Forum at UOG

Dinanña para i Famalao'an na Kandidatu Siha / Flyer for 2014 Female Candidates' Forum

The 2014 Female Candidates’ Forum is free and open to the community — all are welcome to attend, and please share with your networks.

Confirmed attendees include Madeleine Bordallo, Margaret Metcalfe, Judith Won Pat, Tina Muña Barnes, Hope Alvarez Cristobal, Nerissa Bretania Underwood, Mary Camacho Torres, and Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson.

Questions have been drawn from student and faculty polls and will focus on areas of interest to the sponsoring programs, Women & Gender Studies and Chamorro Studies. A question-and-answer session with the audience will conclude the forum, to be followed by a reception in the lobby.

Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Kelley Bowman 
(chair, Women & Gender Studies)

671-735-2701 (office)

Port Persecutions Heard Tonight

With less than three weeks before the election, thousands of Port of Guam workers, their family and friends are closely watching the ongoing persecution and “harassment” of PAG employees identified as “non-supporters” of the CalvoTenorio re-election bid and/or friends of The Port 9…nine previously targeted workers who would not facilitate or cooperate with the illegal termination of former marketing administrator Bernadette Meno.

In Dec. 2012, Meno, former Camacho administration official who went over to the Gutierrez/Aguon side rather support CalvoTenorio in 2010, was wrongfully terminated. Her firing was the start of a political purge orchestrated by Gov. Calvo brotherinlaw Mike Benito, GTA executive Dan Tydingco, as board directors for the Port, at the behest of Adelup.

The perfidious plot of petty revenge also claimed Mary Camacho Torres. Torres refused to participate in the illegal action and subsequent perjury.

With lines drawn tight, others have now fallen victim to the out-of-control bullying, powertripping, and climate of fear being instilled as the new direction for the Port.

Tonight, a victim of powertripping Alma Javier has a hearing at the Civil Service Commission. Buyer 2, Pearl Angel Cruz will have a chance for justice. The Port Strong family is watching.

Another case being heard involves Ken Yoshida. Yoshida has been unfairly targeted Port sources say, because Calvo and Port management are upset about grievances he filed with the CSC against the Port.

Adverse action was taken against him for not calling in sick, though records show he, in fact did. Seenthat story here.

Port Strong Power Party

Hafa Adai Guam!

The Port Strong Family invites you to come out tonight to The Venue in Hagåtña, doors open at 6pm.
This fundraiser is to help our efforts to elect Mary Camacho Torres for Senator on Nov. 4th.
Because we all know how tough times really are, no matter what some people are saying, this fundraiser is only $10 at the door and comes with great raffle prizes, delicious food, and lots of love from the Port Strong Family & Friends…and of course, cool entertainment!
Money raised will be used for a newspaper ad to get the word out and show our commitment to changing the climate of fear and intimidation that has taken over this vital agency. Won’t you help put an end to corruption at the Port of Guam…join us tonight in the fight for change that works for us!
Doors open in a few minutes….so come on down! See you there! Esta!


Anonymous said: How can your GB readers help you with your Write-In campaign? You did so well using your own method of doing things, so please share with your loyal fans what you need so you become the first senator to win on a write-in campaign. Guam needs a leader like you Romeo. Don't raise the white flag and give in to the haters and naysayers. You have a place in the hearts of the average Jose's and Maria's of Guam. You have to get into the legislature to keep the other 14 in check. God Bless You.

Thank you so very much for your support and courage to stand up for change. I really could use your help. Of course, I would like you to spread the word about giving me a chance with a write-in vote - but before I ask anyone to vote for me, I hope you will come out tomorrow to the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce Senatorial forum, Conversations with the Candidates.

Click on the picture above to register. The women of this organization have allowed me to participate with the other candidates, and offer a chance to answer important questions so you can know where I stand on issues of importance to the people of Guam.

I am not raising any white flags, friend! I fight for my friends and for what I know to be right, without condition or hesitation. I am so humbled and honored to know that so many of you embrace me as much as I have embraced the unique beauty, grace and hospitality of the island and the people that make it such a special place to call home.

Please come out tomorrow to the auditorium at the Academy of Our Lady, next door to the Basilica in Hagåtña. The entrance is on the park side, and on the 2nd floor…food is available downstairs. I humbly ask Guamblog readers to come out and support this effort by island businesswomen to keep you informed about this critical election.

Si Yu’us Ma’ase…Esta!

Register here:

Racist Ray Ridicules Chinese


AN INSULTING meme-type post sent out by lt. gov. Ray Tenorio has been making the social media rounds for a few days. Today, local media finally picks up the story that is an offense to Guam’s Chinese community.

Of course, Adelup Senior Script Writer and Director of Lies & Spin, comes out with a whopper of an excuse, saying Tenorio’s tired, tasteless, and out-of-date Chinese launderer trope was a defense of the Chinese community.

Many, but not all, launderers were Chinese. Since they were barred by US law or racist practice from most other occupations, and they were willing to do hard work for low pay, this was seen as a good opportunity by Chinese immigrants.

Prejudiced attitudes combined with disparaging humor affect one’s tendency to discriminate against others. 


In New York City, for example, most hand laundry service was, in fact, Chinese-owned by 1930. So, in an effort to drive the “dangerous foreigners” out of the city, laws were passed in 1933 - among other things - to restrict ownership of laundries to American citizens. US laws of the time prevented Chinese immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens.

The real, and painful irony, of Tenorio’s disdainful joke, is that it came as the Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrated 10-10 Day - much like our Independence Day - which commemorates the foundation of Asia’s first true republic.

Chinese launderers donated critical aid to the democratic Kuomindang’s defense of China against Imperial Japan with invaluable medical personnel and aid, reducing the appallingly high number of troop-deaths from wounds and disease. That war with Japan left as many as 30 million Chinese - and just short of 3 million Japanese dead. So you see, Chinese launderers are no joke.

Ray Tenorio’s lack of respect - and most likely knowledge - of history and the racist impact of such stupid humor is not, like Troll Torres says, “defending” Chinese people. If you want to know how to really defend Chinese people, maybe you Troll and Tenorio should find a real Chinese launderer and ask for a history lesson.



Anonymous said: We always hear about the Eddie's Chief of Staff. How about Ray's? What does he do?

All things considered…not much.