My Goals

If given the chance to serve the people of Guam, I am fully committed to working honestly and in truth, in an effort to help restore and rebuild trust in government again.


Almost half of the island’s eligible voters do not participate in the electoral process because of distrust in government and years of unfulfilled promised by elected officials.

Foremost, for me, is a deep concern over the alarming number of people who are so disconnected from their government that they don’t vote.

I believe this is probably the most critical issue we face today on Guam. It cannot be allowed to continue. I will work hard to reverse this disturbing trend of disengagement. I commit to providing truth in leadership and aggressively keeping voters informed about what is happening in their government and looking for solutions that truly put and keep the people of Guam the FIRST priority.

CLEAR.GU: Cannabis Law Education and Reform
Crime is rapidly spreading. Government resources are limited and stretched too thin. This cheats the more pressing needs to maintain a safe island for residents, businesses and tourists.

The increasing problems with rising crime rates, inadequate resources for police and the Dept of Corrections, as well as, an overwhelmed Court system demands real solutions that redirect our resources to where they are most urgently needed. Fighting cannabis and not crime is wrong.

We need solutions to change that - immediately.


Our government must focus on drunk drivers and child molesters, and cut violent crimes. We can no longer allow ourselves to be distracted from the real fight - against crime. We must not be distracted from keeping our family and friends safe.

To achieve the goal of a safer Guam, one of my first acts as senator, will be the introduction of legislation to decriminalize marijuana on Guam, as so many island residents have been asking for for years.

Decriminalization is not legalization, but it is an effective way to refocus energy and commitment where it is needed most to protect the people, property and businesses of our island properly.

Rebuilding Unity in Our Community
Every year, it seems we lose more and more control of our government and authority, placing the future welfare of Guam in the hands of people who more often than not, can’t even find us on a map.

Past attempts to find parity with the political relationship with Washington, DC have only caused divisions in our community. One of the main goals of my first, and hopefully only, term would be the formation of a Constitutional Convention.

This effort would help unite our community.

Holding a Constitutional Convention brings all of us together, allowing all Guamanians the ability to participate in a civic process that will reshape the future of our government. Just this act alone - convening a Constitutional Convention - will enhance our credibility on future political status referendums and our ability to be self-governing.


US officials and senators join the US legislative representative of Guam  Carlos Taitano, pictured on the right, as President Harry S. Truman (seated) signs the Organic Guam Act of 1950.

More importantly, it will help erase divisions such as those created by the Davis vs. Guam lawsuit challenging a Chamorro-only status vote. All of us have a stake in making the President, and every member of Congress, accountable to all the people of Guam via a public process that can not be ignored.

A successful Constitutional Convention is a powerful tool for change on Guam; a proposed constitution must be debated and reviewed by the President and Congress according to federal law.

Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities
We cannot legislate prosperity; but, lawmakers can - and must - create opportunities. Building on the concept of “social enterprise,” I will use the resources allotted to my office to create direction action strategies that will have a real, meaningful, and sustainable impact on the lives of young adults and students.


If given the chance to serve, my office space will be a community space with active programs to include a regular tutoring schedule, on-the-job training and other innovative ideas that are intended to show the people - and other elected leaders - that there is another way of doing the business of Guam; a way that will actually mean something to the people we touch.

Finally, the biggest task, my main goal will be to work hard to rebuild trust in government by restoring truth in leadership. The growing disaffection, currently hovering around 30,000 people, is an alarming statistic that only seems to grow each election cycle.

We cannot afford to allow this. All of us, whether elected or appointed, working in government MUST establish a higher standard than the current status quo.


We must be diligent in our words and actions to begin the hard task of reversing the growing apathy and distrust that imperils our democracy. The people of Guam, especially the native inhabitants, cannot afford to see so many left behind by politics.

People know Guamblog for being truthful and helping them to relay their voices and opinions to a wider audience.

As senator, I will do the same for the people of Guam every day - and hopefully, in the process, motivate young people, older people, disillusioned people to once again believe that their government can work for them. And that’s the truth!


Glad to hear you are on the ballot and that our voices will be heard. You are a wonderful example of strength and courage for so many of us who have been victimized by this current administration and their abuse of power. Thank you and you have my vote so campaign hard my friend.

Tonight is important, not just to me…but, to thousands of voters. Do not let them suppress voter choice. Do not let them add to the 30,000 island residents who no longer believe that government can work - for you. PLEASE, come out tonight to the GEC conference room at 530p. Located on the 2nd floor of the GCIC Building in Hagåtña.

TONIGHT is the NIGHT…it will be decided who is on the side of truth and fair elections on Guam!

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Anonymous said: You plainly stated that you support the military build-up, sarcastically asking if there's any other plan for the economy. Have you familiarized yourself with the contents of the SEIS? You're not worried about the social and environmental costs?

Great question. Thanks for brining it up.

I was not being sarcastic when asking ‘what other economic development plan or ideas for creating jobs and opportunities for Guam families are on the table?’ That is a real question: What has any of those lawmakers conveniently posturing against the buildup offered as an alternative to creating billions of dollars in jobs?

I have gone through the SEIS and agree valid concerns are raised about the social and environmental impacts. But, just because there are sharks in the ocean doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go fishing - especially if that is how we intend to feed ourselves.

While I am concerned, as are you, the real question is why is the Congressional delegate not more concerned since she is currently the one who be the representative of the people of Guam, if she hadn’t instead used her office to stifle your voices and opinions.

Power is in influence and the people of Guam should have the power to influence the formation of the buildup so that it benefits us, as much as it does the military planners thousands of miles away on the coast of another ocean.

Instead of being stubborn and inflexible, we should be working to find a way to get the best out of it for Guam.

But really…
I have not only read the SEIS, but I also frequently visit numerous beaches, recreational sites and hiked to Pågat three times. While I understand your concern about the data in the SEIS about the environment, I seldom hear these same voices of opposition when the military is not involved.

Concern for the environment must be consistent, and not only trumpeted when the military buildup discussion is brought up. Elected and government officials who express concern now about the environment relative to the buildup, but have nothing to say about anything before or afterwards, are frauds. Period. 

Trashing our island, throwing toxic household and industrial wastes in the juggle or down the drain is as much concern to the future wellness of our island. Showing no respect and vandalizing and destroying natural resources - yes, I know a few who still hunt turtle and bat - is more a menace because it comes from the people who should love and care most for the island.

As for social impact, in the face of soaring crime rates, teen pregnancies, high school drop out rates and increasing poverty, added to the growing crystal meth pandemic, human and sex slave trafficking on Guam, I think the social problems you are worried about related to the buildup are pale.

Without the buildup, there will be even less hope for opportunities for young families to get a start on Guam. College graduates will take their talents and learning offisland where they can find work and build a future. The talented and resourceful will leave the island to find fulfilment and opportunity.

What will be left?

Yes, your concerns about the buildup are fair and valid.

But this is an issue more rightly addressed by putting someone in Washington as your representative who will not sell you out. Your local lawmakers can make noise and raise hell about it, but the truth is, if this is what the military want THEY will decide. Not you. Not me. Not any politician on Guam.

One of the reasons why NOT DOING anything to bring authority and power to island residents, like taking advantage of convening a Constitutional Convention, is one of the biggest failures of the senators who have served the longest.