Candidate for AG proposes accounting forensics unit

Anonymous said: How about an honest and objective analysis of the political scene from Guam Blog. Before you decided to run you were like the only one in Guam we could get something like that from. That idiot overblowed ego Variety has pretty much sucks. Can't trust anything he says anyway. PDN never has anything like that. Cant expect it from KUAM or PNC either. What do you think GG chances are? CT? Top 15 Senatorial and AG. Please do this for your readers.

Ok. I can do that. But after the Primary…I’m sorta busy right now. ;-)


But, if you can’t wait…click on the picture above and ask your questions about the 2014 Election for an immediate reply.

Anonymous said: A Gb reader commented that in GovGuam the reality is that "you lie, or you die". This is the truth. I am not a liar and one of the new "dead". STFU and keep your job. Speak up and find yourself in the food stamp line. Sucker-punching is the new way of getting honest workers to "resign". Oh dear, where is the FBI when you need them? Lord knows that the "local authorities" have a different definition for the word "truth". L-I-E.

magalahi671 said: What has Lt. Gov Ray Tenorio accomplished during this current term? For the past 3yrs all I see is him Proclaiming different months of the year for this and that. Is he tackling any big issues? What has he accomplished?


K57 talk show host Ray Gibson (right) interviewed Ray Tenorio (center) and Mary Macalde from the Island Beautification Task Force about the Guam seal logo the Rotaract group painted on a wall at the Hagåtña pool. Tenorio explained to the talk show host, and his radio audience, the importance of beautification projects - although he (the lt. governor) doesn’t really do any of the work himself.

Fair question. You could try asking Ray Tenorio directly on the CT Facebook page…..although I am not sure they would reply.

More likely they would just delete the question and ignore you…unless you, or someone in your family, has a GovGuam job. Then they’re more likely to try to destroy you for having the balls for even ask.

Good luck with finding an honest answer to your questions though. And if you are successful in getting a reply, please feel free to share it with Guamblog readers - many have also written asking the same thing, and are still waiting for an answer, too.

Anonymous said: Can you put this up on your blog please? Si yu'us ma'ase!


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